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The source for these tools is up for grabs. 9. Consumers are embracing innovations that are disruptive to stakeholders who provide traditional health services and health plans.

The majority of consumers see a need for better value, better service, increased transparency, and personalization of services from doctors, hospitals, and health plans. They are receptive to innovations in how services are delivered and paid for. 10.

Nearly 30 percent would be in favor of increasing taxes to help provide coverage for the uninsured; another third are not sure; only 37 percent oppose. Among the behaviors recorded, the following are particularly relevant to a national health care framework. 1.

Consumers see distinctions in quality: They are paying attention to differences and want more information to make comparisons. 2. Consumers are paying attention to prices for their prescriptions, of ce visits, hospital services, and insurance premiums: They want tools to help them know in advance what those costs will be.

3. Both the uninsured and insured desire improved service, greater access to clinical information and tools to compare costs and quality, and performance-based payments to providers. 4.

Consumers will travel across state lines or country borders to save money or get better quality: They recognize that close at home may not mean best at home. Citizens Health Care Working Group 4 1. Make affordable health care public policy.

Comprehensive and highquality care should be available to everybody regardless of health and without threat to the nancial security of the individual or his or her family. 2. Establish a group to recommend what would be covered under highcost protection and bene ts.

Members of an independent, nonpartisan group, including patients and health care providers, will de ne a set of core bene ts that encompass physical, mental, and dental health throughout an indvidual s lifetime. 3. Guarantee nancial protection against high health care costs.

A public or private national program should provide coverage for everyone,. The Citizens Health Care Working Group (created by Congress in Medicare legislation of 2003), 2006.. Top Ten Goals for the American Health Care System protect agains t high out-of-pocket costs, and ensure nancial protection for low-income people. 4. Support integrated community health care networks.

High-quality care should be provided to low-income people, the uninsured, and people in rural and under served areas. The federal governnment should coordinate efforts to help strengthen the infrastructure at the local level. 5.

Promote improved quality of care and ef ciency. The federal government should promote integrated health systems built on evidence-based best practices, emerging information technologies with emphasis on teaching hospitals and clinics, fraud and waste reduction, patient education, and consumer-friendly resources. 6.

Restructure end-of-life services to increase access. Individuals nearing death and their families should clearly understand their options and have their choices carried out accordingly. Communication among providers, patients, and their families is vital.

Funding, at the community level, should be available to help individuals and families gain access to care. National Center for Policy Analysis 5 1. We should subsidize those who insure and penalize those who do not.

2. The subsidy for private insurance should equal the value society places on insuring individuals, at the margin. 3.

The revealed social value of insurance is the amount we spend on free care for the uninsured. 4. The penalties paid by the uninsured should be used to compensate those who provide safety net care.

5. The subsidy for each newly insured should be funded by reducing the expected amount of spending on free care for that person. 6.

Subsidies for being insured should be independent of how the insurance is purchased. 7. The optimal number of uninsured is not zero.

8. The principles of reform apply with equal force to all citizens, regardless of income. 9.

Health insurance subsidies need not add to budgetary outlays. 10. The federal government s role should remain strictly nancial.

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