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Members express concern that too much embrace of the hostland identity and lifestyle will lead to forgetting not only the Tibetan identity, but also its cause. Because of this danger, one member suggests Tibetans should be encouraged to stay in India instead of coming to America (AMERICA. .


.). Others assert that learning from the hostland experience can help the cause: its is not just about going there, but becoming a better human being and being on a better stand to support our cause (US Visa, why why).

Perhaps for this reason, public gures are expected to promote a free Tibet. Recall that Yangchan Lhamo, a Tibetan singer who has gained acclaim among Western listeners, was criticized for being focused on her popularity and marketability as opposed to using her fame as an opportunity to promote the cause, or to serve the Tibetan people as Jetsum Pema does (Who is the most Eligible Women , Tibetan Entertainment). Free Tibet! is a frequently quoted call, and some member names re ect a related political agenda, for example, WakeUp_Tibet, tibetanwarrior, and Tibetan Liberation Front.

Other usernames re ect alternative political perspectives, such as ChineseGuy. These particular individuals are core members, contributing frequently, and their posts re ect the politics implied by their chosen usernames. Members choose other usernames precisely to be misleading and provocative, such as Dali Llama, who expresses a pro-Chinese perspective and criticizes Tibetans for being backwards (for example, FINAL SOLUTION TO THE CHINESE QUESTION!).

Some make their political agenda very explicit, such as: I want Chinese out from Tibet and Let Tibetan have their own country. I will even use violence to get my country back in the future (Ban Chris! Ban all opposition to the HH Dalai Lama). True to his name, Tibetan Liberation Front writes:.

WE must act with resolve an d determination! We must put the FINAL SOLUTION to the chinese problem into action! We tibetans are chosen by fate to eridicate Earth of this great evil that is all chinese! Kill them all and let God sort them out! We will kill them one at a time! If they ght us here, we will kill them here! If they run away like the dogs that they are, we will kill them there! We will ght them on the beaches, we will ght them on the shores! Death to all heathens! (FINAL SOLUTION TO THE CHINESE QUESTION!).. Policy Agendas, Human Right PDF 417 for .NET s, and National Sovereignty 157 This post prompts several of the pro-Chinese members to respond, including Chris, hell re, and Dali Llama, citing Chinese cultural superiority and possession of nuclear arms. This, in turn, inspires Chinese roaches! to urge others to rise up and exterminate these roaches (FINAL SOLUTION TO THE CHINESE QUESTION!).

Pro-Chinese members participate to promote their own political agenda. In Are Tibetans Terrorists , Dali Llama discusses how China should improve security to prevent and punish these criminals if they dare to split the country with violence. In If I m Chinese President .

. ., an interesting exchange emerges between ChineseGuy, who initiated the thread, and a self-identi ed, older pro-Chinese guest.

The latter tries to encourage ChineseGuy, in a fatherly way, not to waste his time on the forum, but to study and build the nation strong. He argues to ChineseGuy: By causing the feelings of resentment among Tibetans, you are widening the gap between our two races. Consistent with liberal notions of rights and sovereignty, he goes on to argue: You should not be encouraging them [Tibetans] to leave, cause then they ll always feel that you re illegally occupying their nation.

In fact, that is illegal occupation if you force the natives out. At one point a non-Tibetan participant questions the identity of pro-Chinese Chris, warning the TibetBoard community that they should be suspicious of a non-Tibetan, pro-Chinese posting so frequently (147 times from April 1 May 11, the rough equivalent of twice a day as per the poster). He suggests Chris may be on the job monitoring TibetBoard for the PRC (INDEPENDENT TIBET: REALITY OR FANTASY!).

Not all political agendas are so neatly divided along pro-Chinese/ pro-Tibetan lines. Sometimes efforts are made to promote understanding between the two sides. Occasionally, an ethnic Chinese will selfidentify and promote peace and understanding.

In one case, a member apologized for hurtful things the Han-Chinese have said to the Tibetans (Misconception about the Chinese). At the same time, this particular member maintains his own political agenda: if you guys insist in separating Tibet from my motherland, we have the right to defend our sovereign (Misconception about the Chinese). From the opposing side, a Tibetan tries to explain to ChineseGuy:.

not all the tibetans want t o kill the chinese . . .

but u dont know the feeling of loosing a country and becoming a refuegee . . .

we have hate because of what ur.
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