Part I D y n a m i c H T M L Sample431.html in Java Integrated barcode pdf417 in Java Part I D y n a m i c H T M L Sample431.html

How to generate, print barcode using .NET, Java sdk library control with example project source code free download:
Part I D y n a m i c H T M L Sample431.html use servlet pdf417 creation tocreate pdf417 2d barcode in java ASP.NET Web Form Project Just so there is no chance barcode pdf417 for Java of confusion, the rest of the code for Example 3-31 is on the next page. . CHAPTER 3 Layers & JavaScript <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaS jvm PDF-417 2d barcode cript1.2"><!--BEGIN HIDING var L1 = document.L1; var L2 = document.

L2; a1 = new Array("./JPEG-FILES/icon-BG-asteroids.jpg", ".

/JPEG-FILES/icon-Sun.jpg", "./JPEG-FILES/ICON-HorizontalRainbow4.

jpg", "./JPEG-FILES/icon-BG-stars.jpg", ".

/JPEG-FILES/icon-CoarseTurf.jpeg", "./JPEG-FILES/icon-FieldStone-Purple.

jpeg", "./JPEG-FILES/ICON-HorizontalRainbow2.jpg");.

a2 = new Array("blue", "re d", "purple", "green", "navy", "olive", "gold", "black"); /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ function randomActs1() {. L1.background.src = a1[Mat Java PDF 417 h.

round(Math.random() * 7)]; setTimeout("randomActs1()", 5000); } /*----------------------------------------*/ function randomActs2() {. L2.bgColor = a2[Math.round (Math.

random() * 8)]; setTimeout("randomActs2()", 3000); } /*----------------------------------------*/ //END HIDING--> </SCRIPT> </BODY> </HTML>. Using Math Methods in a quasi-calculator In the following example, Sample432.html, all of the Math Methods that take single Arguments are demonstrated in a Table that displays the numbers in a different Frame by using the document.write() Method to create the HTML and JavaScript code to update the output as it is generated by the user.

We start by constructing an Array named numArray with the Keyword new and assigning its length to one, and then in the Function initiateParam() we set the Value of the Element at numArray [0] to the Numeric String "0". The reason that Strings are used instead of numbers is to allow a simple way to append the additional Values that are added to the Array with the Buttons in the Table..

Part I D y n a m i c H T M L Next, the Function getNum( num) is created, which assigns the return Value of the Function appendNum(num1,num2) to numArray[0] and then calls the Function output(numerals) to render the results into the Frame named display. This is the critical line of code in the output(numerals) Function that actually displays the contents of the Array: parent.display.

document.write(numerals.toString()) The showConstant(theConstant) Function just takes the theConstant Argument supplied when the user clicks on a Button with a Math Constant and displays it in the display Frame.

Then, a Function is created for each of the Math Object Methods that is called when the user clicks on a Button. Next, the resetOutput() Function resets the display back to the starting point when the "Clear" Button is clicked. Finally, the initiateParam() Function is called in a SCRIPT Element when the document is loaded.

There is a third part to this example named Sample432A.html which is initially loaded into the top Frame that serves as the initial display for the Calculator..

Example 3-32 Part 1:. Sample432.html <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC " pdf417 for Java -//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Sample 432 - Example 3-32 JavaScript Math Methods</TITLE> <STYLE TYPE="text/JavaScript"> classes.Mainbody.

BODY.margins("0px"); classes.Mainbody.

BODY.paddings("0px"); classes.Mainbody.

BODY.backgroundColor="black"; classes.Mainbody.

BODY.color="white"; </STYLE> <!-******************************************************************* -->. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaS cript1.2"><!--BEGIN HIDING numArray = new Array(1); /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function initiateParam(){ numArray[0] = "0"; } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function getNum(num){ numArray[0] = appendNum(numArray[0], num); output(numArray[0]); }. CHAPTER 3 Layers & JavaScript /*------------------------ ----------------------------*/ function appendNum(num1,num2){ if (num1 == "0") return ""+num2; var numerals=""; numerals += num1; numerals += num2; return numerals; } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function output(numerals){ parent.display.document.

write("<HTML>") parent.display.document.

write("<HEAD><TITLE>Calculator Readout<\/TITLE>") parent.display.document.

write("<STYLE TYPE="text/JavaScript">"). parent.display.document.

wr PDF417 for Java ite("classes.Mainbody.BODY.

margins("0px");") parent.display.document.


paddings("0px");") parent.display.document.


backgroundColor="black";") parent.display.document.


color="white";") parent.display.document.


margins("0px");") parent.display.document.


backgroundColor="steelblue";") parent.display.document.


color="lime";") parent.display.document.


width="100%";") parent.display.document.


fontSize="40pt";") parent.display.document.


fontFamily="Moonlight, Clarendon, Helvetica, serif";") parent.display.document.


paddings("7px");") parent.display.document.


borderTopWidth="10px";") parent.display.document.


borderRightWidth="50px";") parent.display.document.


borderBottomWidth="10px";") parent.display.document.


borderLeftWidth="50px";") parent.display.document.


borderStyle="ridge";") parent.display.document.


borderColor="#5555ff";") parent.display.document.


lineHeight="40pt";") parent.display.document.

write("<\/STYLE>") parent.display.document.

write("<\/HEAD>") parent.display.document.

write("<BODY CLASS="Mainbody">") parent.display.document.

write("<LAYER CLASS="SteelBlu" ID="Readout" LEFT=10 TOP=-25 HEIGHT=100>") parent.display.document.

write("<CENTER>") parent.display.document.

write(numerals.toString()) parent.display.

document.write("<\/CENTER>") parent.display.

document.write("<\/LAYER>") parent.display.

document.write("<\/BODY>") parent.display.

document.write("<\/HTML>") parent.display.

document.close(); }. numArray[0] = theConstant; output(numArray[0]);. Part I D y n a m i c H T M L /*------------------------ --------------------------------------------*/ function showConstant(theConstant){. } /*---------------------- javabean pdf417 ----------------------------------------------*/ function calcSin() { numArray[0] = Math.sin(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcCos() { numArray[0] = Math.cos(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcTan() { numArray[0] = Math.

tan(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcAsin() { numArray[0] = Math.asin(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcAcos() { numArray[0] = Math.acos(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcAtan() { numArray[0] = Math.

atan(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcLog() { numArray[0] = Math.log(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/. CHAPTER 3 Layers & JavaScript /*------------------------ j2se PDF 417 ----------------------------*/ function calcExp() { numArray[0] = Math.exp(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcSqrt() { numArray[0] = Math.sqrt(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcAbs() { numArray[0] = Math.

abs(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcRound() { numArray[0] = Math.round(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcRandom() { numArray[0] = Math.random(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcCeil() { numArray[0] = Math.

ceil(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcFloor() { numArray[0] = Math.floor(numArray[0]); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/ function calcRandom100() { numArray[0] = Math.round((Math.

random(numArray[0]) * 100)); output(numArray[0]); } /*----------------------------------------------------*/. function calcPercent() {.
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