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C h a p te r 9 using barcode printing for j2se control to generate, create datamatrix image in j2se applications. About Micro QR Code G e t Yo u r M e s s a g e Ac ro s s Social engagement on Scramble, a game by Zynga. Last, but not least, socia tomcat gs1 datamatrix barcode l stories can be enabled for external apps that plug into Facebook using Facebook Connect. As we discussed briefly in 2, The Evolution of Digital Media, some apps use the Facebook Connect API to bring the social graph to an external Web site and conversely to broadcast actions taken on the external Web site back to user profiles and News Feed updates within Facebook. We talked about the Red Bull Web site in 2.

Citysearch, a popular restaurant and nightlife review site, is another good example of how an external Web site is using Facebook Connect. On the Citysearch site, I can see which of my Facebook Friends are also members of Citysearch and which restaurants they have reviewed. When I write a restaurant review on Citysearch, I am given an option to publish the review to Facebook (see Figure 9.

11). If I agree, the review appears on my profile as well as in my friends News Feed updates about me (see Figure 9.12).

. Pa r t I I I Yo u r S te p - B y - S te p G u i d e to Us i n g Fa ce b o o k fo r B u s i n e s s Citysearch uses Facebook C onnect to bring the online social graph to its Web site. When I wrote a restaurant review on Citysearch, it asked if I want to publish the review to my Facebook profile and my friends News Feed updates..

My friend s News Feed containing a story about my Citysearch restaurant review. C h a p te r 9 G e t Yo u r M e s s a g e Ac ro s s With Facebook Connect, use rs have to provide explicit permission for any action from external Web sites to be published back to Facebook. Facebook Connect has been a welcome improvement on Beacon, Facebook s earlier attempt to incorporate external Web site activity into Facebook feed stories. Beacon, which publishes external feed stories without explicit user permission, generated a privacy outcry when it launched in autumn 2007.

With sophisticated privacy setting options, Facebook members can now control whether they appear in Social Actions and which platform apps or Facebook Connect sites are allowed to generate feed stories on their profile. As a result of the increased trust, the social aspect of targeted ads, appvertisements, and external Facebook Connect applications has become a welcome and valuable part of the engagement experience on Facebook that can also greatly benefit advertisers..

Engagement Ads In addition to click ads a nd apps, Facebook is also exploring what they call engagement ads. Engagement ads were designed to offer advertisers minimally invasive ways of inserting their brands into everyday Facebook interactions. The thought is that if there are opportunities for people to engage with brands without disrupting their primary mission on social networking sites that is, expressing themselves and socializing with others then they will be much more likely to take advantage of these opportunities.

Targeted ads, in contrast, are disruptive in the Facebook member s experience. Clicking on an ad drives the user away from what she was previously doing without giving the user a chance to socially engage. Facebook has developed four models of incorporating advertising into social behavior that people are already doing: in-line video commenting, sponsored virtual gifts, in-line event RSVP, and in-line becoming a fan of a Facebook Page.

Video commenting takes the viral nature of entertaining videos popularized by YouTube and combines it with the Facebook Friend graph and feed stories (see Figure 9.13). For example, MTV purchased a video ad on Facebook of Britney Spears opening the 2008 Video Music Awards.

Users could view and comment on the video completely in-line, without clicking to another page. This generated awareness and participation while offering members an opportunity to engage with friends..

Pa r t I I I Yo u r S te p - B y - S te p G u i d e to Us i n g Fa ce b o o k fo r B u s i n e s s Video commenting ads are i datamatrix 2d barcode for Java deal for promoting popular media, such as music videos, movie trailers, and TV shows. They encourage viral marketing by offering people a way to react and engage with their friends on the video..

Sponsored virtual gifts ar e a second engagement ad model. Virtual gifts have become a popular way for Facebook users to exchange social capital, express affection, and build rapport, such as for birthdays, special achievements, and other milestones. Brands now have the opportunity to sponsor virtual gifts so that instead of costing the sender $1, they are free.

The brand benefits not only from the sender and recipient having engaged with the brand, but also from the resulting social feed stories that get propagated to both sender and recipient s networks. For example, Wendy s, a popular fast-food restaurant, sponsored a branded virtual gift to spread the word about its new flavor dipped sandwiches (see Figure 9.14).

Sponsored virtual gifts can be a fun, visual, and memorable form of word-of-mouth awareness for your product or brand..
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