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Discussion generate, create code-128c none in java projects Microsoft SQL Server advantage of v tomcat code-128b endor-speci c libraries/mechanisms to implement these modules. That is the key point. In the scenarios examined here, there is no right or wrong answer just more correct and less correct.

And that is the key role of an architect: to examine the possible solutions and select the most correct solution, taking into account the vagaries of the known set of business requirements.. Rationale for Choosing Between EJB-Centric and WebCentric Implementations As you may hav code 128b for Java e gathered from the two preceding sections, neither we, nor indeed the exam, believe that a web-centric or an EJB-centric architecture is always right or always wrong. The decision to select one over the other is based purely on an impassionate review of the facts relating to a speci c project. In order of decreasing importance, the pertinent facets to consider are as follows:.

Transaction re quirements The more onerous, the bigger the reason to select EJB. Security requirements Again, the more onerous, the bigger the reason to select EJB. Messaging requirements Need to integrate with an asynchronous messaging system Again, if present, a clear reason to select message-driven beans (MDBs); that is, the EJB-centric approach.

Performance. Ease of development. Scalability.

Existing team skills or existing project implementation.. The last four jvm ANSI/AIM Code 128 facets listed are not reasons in themselves that will conclusively force you to choose one approach over the other; indeed, the waters have been muddied in recent JEE releases for each. The primary focus for EJB 3.0 (and continued in 3.

1) is improving the ease of development. As you will see in 4, the general consensus is that EJBs are now, at last, easy enough to develop that their use is warranted in situations where previously system designers did not specify their use. Assuming an ef cient container implementation, stateless session beans should be as ef cient as Servlets/Action handlers in executing business logic on the server side as a proxy for the client.

The obvious exception. 3 Web Tier Technologies here is statef barcode 128 for Java ul session beans. The need to maintain one session bean per connected client for the duration of the conversation will always make stateful session beans a poor scaling design choice, suitable only for a small subset of applications with very speci c requirements..

The Future of Client-Server Communication It is worth no Code 128 Code Set A for Java ting that the current release of the exam was written in 2007 and contains material on Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or AJAX. Architects must understand the bene ts of AJAX as they relate to providing an enhanced end-user experience and how the JEE 5 platform allows server-side components to service AJAX requests from browsers. Looking forward, the exam will be refreshed in sympathy with the release of future JEE versions.

If JEE 6 or 7 is released into a world where AJAX is declining in favor of cometd (HTTP continuations), or another way of enhancing the end-user experience for browser-based applications, then expect that technology to be re ected in the questions posed. After all, the exam is written by a team of subject matter experts who construct the questions and answers for Part I based on the current state of play in the Enterprise Java space..

Essential Points Presentation t jsp code 128c ier technologies remain a major element of the JEE 5 platform and are a signi cant source of exam content for Parts I and III. Part II is less concerned with the actual presentation technology selected (within reason, of course) and more concerned with the candidate displaying two things in-depth understanding of the business requirements and selecting a presentation technology that meets those requirements. JSF has grown from the presentation tier that disgruntled architects tried to ignore to a signi cant element of the JEE platform and for the exam.

If you are a JSP-centric architect, beef up on JSF because you need to know it..
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