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From the Library of Wow! eBook generate, create barcode data matrix none for .net projects Postnet 3 of 5 Qualities of a Good Decision-Making Process Expected Revenues Go to Market Now Market Entry Target Date $ Costs Expected Earnings Continue to Improve the Product $ Costs Expected Revenues Market Entry Delayed Which choice is better: Go to market now, or continue to improve the product shortcomings and save the mar ket entry date Certainly there is no universal answer. It depends on the particular circumstances both in the marketplace and within the development project. A selection matrix is a useful tool for decisions.

It is described more fully in 11. The process is to compare decision options against a set of criteria for the decision. The objective is to select the option that is better than the available alternatives at satisfying all of the criteria.

You do not care how much better it is. The method compares each option to a referenced option (datum), counting only whether or not each option is better than, the same as, or worse than the reference. Promising options can be improved by integrating good features from other options to create hybrid new ones for the selection process.

Table 6.4 is derived from Pugh s concept generation and selection process. 5 If no decision option is the clear winner, as illustrated in this example, the review process needs to modify the decision concepts, creating a hybrid that is the best for all the criteria.

As mentioned earlier, decisions are agreements, with acceptable rationales, so that all involved organizations can live with their consequences and support their implementation. The process does not require everyone to favor the decision based on his/her own functional interests. Some organizations may have to compromise their own position for the bene t of the whole business and its customers.

By being involved in the project issues and collaborating in the decision. 5. Pugh, Total Design. From the Library of Wow! eBook 6 . Effective Decisions Table 6.4 A decision is a sel .NET DataMatrix ection of the best available alternative.

Can a better option be de ned that will be superior to the reference (datum) for all of the criteria Decision Criteria The customers win ; the product will be superior to the competition s Enabled by available resources Acceptable to functional organizations Aligned with technology portfolio Acceptable impact on market entry timing Summary Option 1 D Option 2 + Option 3 S Option 4 . A T U M Referenced option S +=1 =3 S=1 + + + +=3 =1 S=1 + S + S +=2 =1 S=2 process, functional managers will more likely suggest better approaches, accept the compromises, buy into the implications, and contribute to the implementation. Some projects may not be designed well enough to deliver suf cient value. The gate review is a forced opportunity for the project to be refocused.

Possibly the product s value proposition needs to be more competitive or the scope of the project constrained. It could be that the achievable cost structures would not provide suf cient pro t margin. The market may be changing so quickly that the product would be obsolete by the time it is launched.

Particularly if submitted early, a recommendation to stop an ill-fated project should be rewarded. People at all levels should be motivated to avoid wasting resources and time on a project that has a low probability of delivering acceptable technical or business value. Although not its main purpose, a gate review serves as a quality control tactic for a stage of development.

However, the conclusions may be fuzzy since it s rare that all work is complete or that all acceptance criteria are satis ed. So people involved in reviews need to develop capabilities to make important and timely decisions when faced with partial information and uncertainties about the future..

Agenda for a Gate Review With a focus on business conc erns, the agenda of gate reviews should be concise, for example, with durations of one to two hours, with attention aimed at improving the quality of future work rather than just evaluating work completed. We like agendas that devote about 20% of the time to review and 80% to planning, with plenty of time for questions and discussions. The consequences should enable future work to be more predictable.

The topics should enable the decision to be the right one, within that business day. For example, agenda topics can Clarify the objectives for the current phase and its acceptance criteria. Validate the key project assumptions.

Evaluate the recommendations of the project leadership team..
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