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Tcl Extension Packages generate, create qr-code none in .net projects ASP.NET Web Form Project Chap.32 virtual command args... The most important contribu .NET QR Code JIS X 0510 tion of [incr tcl] is the added scope control. The elements of a class are hidden inside its scope, so they do not clutter the global Tcl name space.

When you are inside a method or class procedure, you can directly name other methods, class procedures, and the various class variables. When you are outside a class, you can only invoke its methods through an object. It is also possible to access class procedures with the :: syntax shown in the previous example.

The scope control is implemented by creating a new Tcl interpreter for each class, although this is hidden from you when you use the extension. There is one restriction on the multiple inheritence provided by [incr tcl]. The inheritence graph must be a tree, not a more general directed-acyclic-graph.

For example, if you have a very general class called Obj that two classes A and B inherit, then class C cannot inherit from both A and B. That causes the elements of Obj to be inherited by two paths, and the implementation of [incr tcl] does not allow this. You would have to replicate the elements of Obj in A and B in this example.

. Tcl_AppInit With Extensions The next example shows a Tc QR for .NET l_AppInit that initializes several packages in addition to the new commands and widgets from the previous chapters. Most of the packages available from the Tcl archive have been structured so you can initialize them with a single call to there Package_Init procedure.

To create the full application, the Tcl_AppInit routine is linked with the libraries for Tcl and the various extensions being used. The Make le for that is given in the next example..

Example 32 4 Tcl_AppInit and extension packages. /* supertcl.c */ #include & Visual Studio .NET Denso QR Bar Code lt;stdio.

h> #include <tk.h> #include <tclExtend.h> extern char *exp_argv0;/* For expect */ /* * Our clock widget.

*/ int ClockCmd(ClientData clientData, Tcl_Interp *interp, int argc, char *argv[]); /* * Our pixmap image type. */ extern Tk_ImageType tkPixmapImageType;. Created: January 6, 1995 E xtensions.fm3 Copyright Prentice Hall DRAFT: 1/13/95. Tcl_AppInit With Extensions main(int argc, char *argv[] ) { /* * Save arguments for expect and its debugger. */ exp_argv0 = argv[0];/* Needed by expect */ Dbg_ArgcArgv(argc, argv, 1); /* * Create the main window. This calls * back into Tcl_AppInit.

*/ Tk_Main(argc, argv); exit(0); } int Tcl_AppInit(Tcl_Interp *interp) { char *value; Tk_Window main = Tk_MainWindow(interp); /* * Initialize extensions */ if (TclX_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) { /* TclX_Init is called instead of Tcl_Init */ return TCL_ERROR; } if (Tk_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) { return TCL_ERROR; } if (Tdp_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) {/* Tcl-DP */ return TCL_ERROR; } if (Blt_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) {/* BLT */ return TCL_ERROR; } if (Exp_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) {/* Expect */ return TCL_ERROR; } /* * This affects X resource names. */ Tk_SetClass(main, "SuperTcl"); /* * Our own extra commands. */ Tcl_CreateCommand(interp, "clock", ClockCmd, (ClientData)Tk_MainWindow(interp), (Tcl_CmdDeleteProc *)NULL); Tk_CreateImageType(&tkPixmapImageType); /* * The remaining lines are similar to code in TkX_Init.

* The tclApp variables define info returned by infox * The Tcl_SetupSigInt is a TclX utility that lets * keyboard interrupts stop the current Tcl command.. Created: January 6, 1995 E .net framework qr-codes xtensions.fm3 Copyright Prentice Hall DRAFT: 1/13/95.

Tcl Extension Packages Chap.32 */ tclAppName = "SuperTcl"; tclAppLongname = "Tcl-Tk-TclX-DP-BLT-Expect-[incr tcl]"; tclAppVersion = "1.0"; /* * If we are going to be interactive, * Setup SIGINT handling. */ value = Tcl_GetVar (interp, "tcl_interactive", TCL_GLOBAL_ONLY); if ((value != NULL) && (value [0] != 0 )) Tcl_SetupSigInt (); return TCL_OK; }.

on duplicating some things QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for .NET in Tcl and Tk, so this is necessary to avoid linker problems. I have rebelled a little bit by calling Tk_Init instead of TkX_Init, which is recommended by the TclX documentation.

However, this means I do much the same work by calling Tcl_SetupSigInt and de ning the various tclApp varibles. The Make le for the superwish program is given in the next example. The program uses a mixture of shared and static libraries.

Ideally all the packages can be set up as shared libraries in order to reduce the size of the shell programs. Shared libraries are described in LIBRARY chapter..

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