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Wireless Cities 793 generate, create qr-code none with .net projects ISO Specification deal with enquiries on a var visual .net Denso QR Bar Code iety of subjects for the citizen they are sitting with, even if it is outside their immediate role of responsibility; Joined-up Government: other government agencies can work much more closely together, sharing knowledge and ensuring consistency; Street Event Management: leading to the creation of street rangers with direct access to corporate applications, enabling resource mobilisation and real time event reporting;. Benefits for the residents A s well as the personal benefits which greater Wi-Fi access brings, citizens will benefit in many ways from a wireless city network. For example: Community safety: wireless cameras are faster and easier to redeploy than conventional CCTV cameras, so new trouble spots or special events can be quickly addressed and repair or policing teams sent to the location immediately. Combined with noise monitors, evidence of criminal and anti-social behaviour can be enhanced; Parking and Traffic management: using the wireless CCTV cameras to deploy Parking Attendants to streets where significant congestion exists due to improper parking would clear trouble spots quickly.

Additionally, parking meters using Wi-Fi are able to send data about their state which results in a faster response of repair. The more meters working, the less frustration and confusion for those wishing to park; Housing and social services: with appropriate access rights, individuals from different teams can fill in online forms for the rapid calculation of benefits, arranging a repairman to come to the home, make revisions to the care plan or changes to the home help diary and report any changes to the external environment on estates, all during one visit making your home environment much more satisfying; Policing: Some city authorities have Street Guardians which provide additional Law Enforcement support. Having the ability to compile reports and access Town Hall databases creates a safer environment all round; E-tourism projects, where tourist location based content systems can be delivered to offer visitors real-time information during their stay in the City.

With the high-speed core network acting as the enabler BT Wireless Cities can be progressively implemented to create a fully integrated mobile communications solution. We are already involved in such projects with Cardiff and Westminster City Councils and the London Borough of Lewisham..

Working alongside BT on a pi QR for .NET lot scheme, Westminster City Council is set to transform council services ensuring residents and visitors can make the most of the city, whilst delivering significant cost savings. The pilot is also a key part of Westminster s One City vision, a five year programme to build strong communities, supported by excellent council services.

. 794 Wireless Cities The installation of these wi qr barcode for .NET reless networks has been changing the way Westminster operates, from connecting street-based staff to their office systems and expanding the council s world-renowned CCTV system to run on wireless technology. In particular, the pilot looked at how wireless CCTV cameras could help in the management of a 24-hour city.

In comparison to traditional, fixed CCTV cameras, these new cameras can be relocated to problem areas quickly and cheaply to allow wider and more flexible coverage. Plus, the real-time footage can be viewed by police officers, Street Guardians and other council workers out on the street through their wireless handheld devices, so they can focus in on a crime scene and react immediately. During the pilot, 38 cameras were installed across Westminster which resulted in over 58 incidents being captured over wireless CCTV.

Indeed, the deterrent effect became clear almost immediately after installation with crime and anti-social behaviour on both pilot estates reduced and on one estate it was reduced to its lowest level since April 2004. Residents also reported feeling much safer walking through the area in the dark, knowing the CCTV cameras were helping to protect them. Equally, the installation of the wireless networks enabled parking attendants being directed to problems on the street by trained operators viewing images from wireless CCTV cameras.

As a result, staff were sent to 3556 parking contraventions, 211 obstructions, and moved on 1468 vehicles and the Public Perception surveys provided indirect evidence suggesting that smart deployment had been effective, with residents and businesses perceiving more Parking Attendants on the streets when in fact there were less, and greater availability of parking spaces for loading and unloading. To this end, the growth of Wi-Fi and the birth of Wireless Cities will ensure multilayered benefits no matter what a resident s need is. The technology will mean businesses don t miss vital communications when staff are out of the office, encourage residents to feel safer on the streets and create cities which are key players in the 21st century global economy.

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