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2. generate, create qrcode none with java projects data matrix Working with blocks As we saw briefly in 1, Introduction to Drupal, blocks contain functionality or content that is visible in various places around the site depending on where you choose to show them. Blocks are often generated by modules, but it is also possible to create them manually. Since many modules generate blocks automatically, it is always wise to pay the blocks section a visit whenever a new module has been enabled.

When we talk about working with blocks, what we are really saying is: "How do we want to present the functionality and content of the site to the user " Naturally, everyone should strive to make a striking and unique site, and layout configuration is a big part of that especially since it governs how a site is organized. Keep in mind at all times that the overriding factors that govern setting things up, when it comes to presenting the site, relate to usability. Make sure that the site is intuitive, easy to follow, and never sacrifice clarity and ease of use for artistic reasons.

Drupal sites are already fairly sensibly laid out by default, but that doesn"t mean that there is not plenty to do. You have an exceptional amount of control over where and how everything is displayed, and correspondingly, quite a lot to work on..

Adding blocks Under Structure in th e toolbar menu, click on Blocks to bring up the list of blocks that are available for the site at present. Remember that this list will change as modules are added and removed you will probably have to revisit it more than once. The blocks page provides a list of the available blocks and several options for each one.

Drupal gives you the ability to place any of these blocks pretty much anywhere on the page. Depending on how many themes you have enabled, you can make different block settings for different themes too. Click on the theme link at the top of the blocks overlay to work on each individual theme"s blocks.

We will talk more about themes in 9, Drupal Theming.. [ 69 ]. Basic Functionality Regardless of which t QR Code JIS X 0510 for Java heme you use, it is generally a good idea to group related information into the same places on the site, so that users can get a feel for where they might look for a specific type of content. For our current purposes, the following settings are made:. Notice that community -related information, like Who"s new and Who"s online, is confined to the footer area of the page. While this information might be of interest, it must be relegated to the bottom of the page to avoid detracting from the main content of the site. All content-related blocks are grouped into the right-hand sidebar.

This means that if people want to quickly take a look at what new content has been added to the site, they can find it by looking here. Additionally, information is structured such that polls appear above all other information (because we generally want to encourage people to take the time to answer a poll), but we have left the Search form at the top of the page because this should be one of the most useful tools, once the amount of content on the site has become substantial..

[ 70 ]. 2 . Of course, some block j2ee qr-codes s remain disabled, as the site does not need them for now. It is always easy to add or remove blocks at a later date. Provided you make sure there is a nice logical layout for the various blocks, you can chop and change what is and is not displayed as and when required.

Remember not to chop and change too often once the site is live, as this impairs its usability and may lead to confusion. Take a look at your homepage once these changes have been saved (by clicking Save blocks). Notice that the various blocks have now been inserted into the web pages.

It"s easy enough to move things around until you are totally happy with the way the page looks, but there is little point in spending hours and hours getting everything just perfect if you are going to change the theme at a later stage. Instead, make sure you understand how blocks work and come back to it after settling on a theme because different themes have different regions into which blocks can be added and removed. You may also have noticed that there is an Add block tab at the top of the Blocks page.

Clicking on this brings up a page that can be used to insert your own blocks into the site, as shown in the following screenshot:. [ 71 ].
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