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Upgrade and Migration using barcode generator for vs .net control to generate, create ecc200 image in vs .net applications. Micro QR Code ADMT Wizard page Domain Selection Action to be taken Enter the names of the source and target domains here. If after clicking Next you get the error message Access denied (Error=5), close the ADMT Wizard and check whether the passwords for the administrator account are identical on the source and target servers and the password has been entered correctly when restarting ADMT from the command line. Click on Add and then Advanced.

The Select this object type entry is automatically set to search for user accounts. Then click on Find Now. You will see a list of all user accounts.

Select all the user accounts you want to migrate and then click OK. Remember that the following user accounts cannot be migrated: Administrator, Guest, IUSR_Servername, IWAM_Servername, Krbtg, and the TsInternetUser accounts. When migrating from SBS 2000 the following accounts may also not be migrated: Small Business Administrator, Small Business Power User and Small Business user accounts.

When migrating from Exchange Server 2000 the SystemMailbox account and in SQL Server 2000 the SQLDebugger and SQLAgentCmdExec accounts may not be migrated. For other applications that require a separate user account, refer to their documentation to find out whether migration from Exchange Server 2000 is possible..

User Selection Organizational Unit Selection For the target OU navigate to MyBusiness\Users\SBBUsers. 3 . ADMT Wizard page Password Options Action to be taken Click on Same as user name. This automatically sets the password to the first 14 characters of the username. By default these entries are saved in the following file: \Program Files\Active Directory Migration Tool\Logs\Passwords.

txt. These temporary passwords can be changed after the migration is completed. If you want to migrate the original passwords, click on Migrate passwords.

Instructions about the appropriate configuration for password migration can be found in article KB 325851 of the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Click on Target same as source. Enable the checkbox Migrate user SIDs to target domain.

Then click on Next and then Yes. You must then restart the source server and log in with the administrator account. Only then can you click OK on the target server to continue.

. Account Transition Options User Account Under User Na 2d Data Matrix barcode for .NET me enter the pre-defined administrator account and enter the password. Make sure that the name of the source domain is entered under Domain.

Activate the Translate roaming profiles and Update user rights checkboxes. Also make sure that the checkboxes Fix users" group memberships and Do not rename accounts are checked. By default no particular properties of objects are excluded from the migration.

To preserve this setting, click on Next. Here you should select Ignore conflicting accounts and don"t migrate. As soon as you click Finish you will see a status window for the migration.

The migration of user accounts is over if the status displayed is Completed. To check if there are any errors, click on View Log. The log file is available for the simulated migration as well as the real one.

. User Options Object Property Exclusion Naming Conflicts Completing the User Account Migration Wizards Upgrade and Migration Migration of Group Accounts 1. Open a com barcode data matrix for .NET mand line on the target server and enter the following command, provided ADMT is not running:.

Runas /netonl y /user:NameSourceDomain\Administrator "mmc\"%ProgramFiles%\Active Directory Migration Tool\Migrator.msc\"". Replace NameS barcode data matrix for .NET ourceDomain with the appropriate NetBIOS domain name. If you close ADMT, you can only restart it with the above command-line and not from the entry in the start menu.

2. Enter the administrator password when asked. The ADMT GUI appears.

3. In the Action menu, click on Group Account Migration Wizard. Configure the Wizard with the following information:.

ADMT Wizard p age Test or Make Changes Action to be taken Click on Test the migration settings and migrate later . The log files will help you identify and remove any errors. To start the final migration, click on Migrate now .

Under Source domain the name of the source domain must be entered, for example sbs2000.local, and under Target domain the name of the target domain, for example sbs2003.local.

Click on Add and then Advanced. The entry Select this object type is automatically set to search for group accounts. Then click on Object Types and disable the Built-in security principals checkbox.

Then click on Find Now. You will see a list of all group accounts. Select all the group accounts you want to migrate and then click OK.

The following user accounts cannot be migrated: Predefined security groups, Cert Publishers, DHCP Administrators, DHCP Users, DNS Admins, DnsUpdateProxy, domain administrators, domain computers, Domain Controllers, Domain Guests, domain users, Enterprise Admins, Group Policy Creator Owners, RAS and IAS Servers, Schema Admins and WINS Users.
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