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4. generate, create qr-codes none in .net projects .NET CF The previous configu qrcode for .NET ration lines will ensure that only administrators can use Squid"s cache manager interface..

What just happened We have just seen th QRCode for .NET at it is possible to build ACL lists based on the protocol used by the client in the requests. By using this type of ACL we can completely deny requests to all other protocols than HTTP and HTTPS, in very restricted environments.

. Time-based ACLs Access control based QR-Code for .NET on time is one of the most exciting features of Squid. Using the time ACL type, we can specify a time period in the form of day(s) or time range.

Then the requests during that time period will be matched or identified by that ACL. The format of the time ACL type is as follows:. acl ACL_NAME time [d ay-abbreviation] [h1:m1-h2:m2]. Specifying days and Visual Studio .NET Denso QR Bar Code time range are optional, but one of them must be specified. The following are the abbreviations used:.

Day Sunday Monday Tu esday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday All Weekdays Abbreviation S M T W H F A D. We should note that VS .NET qr codes time is taken only when the ACL is checked. Therefore, it may not affect the requests made during the allow period and performed during the deny period and vice-versa.

. So, for identifying all the requests on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, we"ll have the following ACL:. acl days time SMW [ 103 ]. Getting Started with Squid s Powerful ACLs and Access Rules The day abbreviation s should be written altogether. While specifying the time, h1:m1 should be less than h2:m2. Moreover, time should be in a 24 hour format.

Now, let"s construct a few ACLs for the typical office hours:. acl morning_hrs time .NET QR Code 2d barcode MTWHF 09:00-12:59 acl lunch_hrs time D 13:00-13:59 acl evening_hrs time MTWHF 14:00-18:00. Now, let"s say we do n"t want our clients to access YouTube during office hours, but it"s ok if they access it during lunch hours. Also, we will allow browsing only in office hours. So, we"ll have the following lines in our configuration file:.

acl youtube dstdomai qr bidimensional barcode for .NET n .youtube.

com acl office dstdomain .office.example.

com http_access allow office http_access allow youtube !morning_hours !evening_hours http_access deny all. URL and URL path-based identification Squid provides the A Visual Studio .NET QR CL type url_regex, using which we can specify regular expressions which will be matched against the entire URL. URLs are generally of the form http:// example.

com/path/directory/index.php page=2&count=10 or http://example. com/path2/index.

html#example-section. So, let"s construct an ACL that will match all requests to JPG images on the server.

. acl example_com_jpg url_regex ^*\.jpg$ By default, the regu Visual Studio .NET Quick Response Code lar expressions passed to any ACL type are treated as case-sensitive. Hence, the previous regular expression will not match if a JPG image on the server has a filename linux.

JPG. To make the regular expressions case-insensitive, we can use the option -i while defining ACL. For example:.

acl example_com_jpg url_regex -i ^*\.jpg$ Now, the ACL example Visual Studio .NET QR Code ISO/IEC18004 _com_jpg will match all the JPG images on the server

In the URL page=2&count=10, the section path/directory/index.

php page=2&count=10 is the URL path. So, the URL path is basically the URL minus the URL scheme and hostname. Similar to url_regex, we have another ACL type called urlpath_regex.

The only difference is that url_regex searches for the regular expression in the complete URL while urlpath_regex searches only in the URL path.. [ 104 ]. 4 . This ACL type is spe cifically helpful when we only want to search a string in the path and not in the hostname. Let"s see an example:. acl torrent urlpath_regex -i torrent In another example, let"s try to block some video content:. acl videos urlpath_regex -i \.(avi mp4 mov m4v mkv flv)(\ .*) $ The above ACL videos will match a few of the well known video formats. Please note that reg ular expression matching is slower than other ACL type matching. It is highly recommended to break the regular expression into dstdomain and urlpath_regex to enhance ACL matching performance..

Have a go hero ACL list for audio content Construct an ACL lis t which can be used to identify requests for at least three types of audio files.. Matching client usernames Squid supports ident ifying clients using the ident protocol by providing the ACL type ident. Squid tries to connect to the ident server on the client machine and get the username corresponding to the current request, when the ident ACL type is used. The username that Squid will receive may not be the username of the logged in user.

For example, when Squid tries to get the username of a down-stream proxy server, it may get the username squid, proxy, or nobody, depending on the value of the cache_effective_user directive.. The ident protocol i qrcode for .NET s not really secure and it"s very easy to spoof an ident server. So, it should be used carefully.

. If we have an exhaus tive list of usernames for our network, we can construct an ACL as follows:.
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