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Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v4.0\Libraries\Client. using visual .net toembed pdf417 2d barcode for web,windows application .NET Framework 4.5 Beta 1 . 8. Click on Tab Control and draw it on the artboard. 9.

Take a look at the Objects and Timeline pane and expand the visual tree so that you can see all parts of the TabControl.. 10. Let"s add t barcode pdf417 for .NET he third TabItem to our TabControl.

Right-click on TabControl under the Objects and Timeline pane and from the drop-down menu, click on Add TabItem. Now you should see the third TabItem added to your TabControl..

Layouts and Gen eral Content Organization 11. Click on the first TabItem and under the Properties pane, locate the Header property (located under Miscellaneous section), and type in First tab. Do the same for the second and third TabItem typing Second Tab and Third Tab, respectively.

Your tab control should look like the one in the following screenshot:. 12. As you will .net vs 2010 barcode pdf417 have noticed under the visual tree, each TabItem is comprised of the Header part and Grid.

The Grid part is basically the Grid control in which we can put any content we want. 13. Select First tab and add two buttons (add them from the toolbox or Asset Library).

Change their content (Properties pane, Common Properties section, Content property) to Button 01 and Button 02. Be sure that you have selected the Grid element of the specific TabItem to ensure that the buttons will be added to exactly that TabItem. 14.

Repeat the same procedure: adding one button to the Second tab and one to Third tab. Set their content to Button 03 and Button 04 respectively. 15.

With this, you must have got a pretty clear understanding of how you can add controls to different TabItems and how to add TabItems as well. 16. Now hit F5 or go to Project .

Test Solution. 17. Your default web browser will start and you will see your tab control.

Try clicking on different tabs and notice that you can see only the content that you have added to a specific Grid under specific TabItem.. 1 . How it works... As TabControl i pdf417 2d barcode for .NET s not a "default" Silverlight 4 control; we had to add a reference to the System.Windows.

Controls.dll file (that file is part of the Silverlight 4 SDK pack). After adding the reference, TabControl has been added to our Asset Library and is available for use from there like all other controls.

Right after you have drawn TabControl on the artboard, you will notice two tab items (colloquially called just "tabs"). By right-clicking on TabControl and using the option Add TabItem you get the opportunity to add more tab items. It is a general suggestion that you don"t add more than seven tabs.

Take a look at the There"s more...

section where I will go deeper into general guidelines for using tab as a control. The next step was adding titles for specific tabs. As shown earlier, specific TabItem is comprised of Header and Grid parts.

By clicking on TabItem and locating the Header property, you have got the possibility to change the title for a specific TabItem. We have used just provisional titles, First tab, Second Tab, and so on. The next step was adding the specific content to specific tabs.

Technically speaking, that content is hosted within the Grid control. That, of course, means that all layout, formatting, and other Grid-related mechanisms and properties are applied to all controls hosted. Grid is, without doubt, the most powerful layout control available in WPF and Silverlight.

By hitting F5 and starting your web browser you got the opportunity to explore tabs and associated buttons (controls).. Layouts and General Content Organization There"s more... In the first pa rt, you"ve been introduced to the tab control and its main characteristics. Now, you"ll learn how to further customize the control itself and also get the professional and insightful guidelines for using the tabs in your real life applications - no matter what are you using, WPF or Silverlight..

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