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Vf (x) := Ex use .net framework 3 of 9 generation toencode code39 with .net iPad f (X(t)) ,. x X,. (A.64). the following conclus ions hold: (i) The set Xf = {x : Vf (x) < } is non-empty and absorbing: P (x, Xf ) = 1 for all x Xf .. (ii) The identity (A.63) holds with bf := Ex f (X(t)) < . Control Techniques for Complex Networks (iii) For x Xf ,. Draft copy April 22, 2007. 1 Ex [Vf (X(t))] = li m Ex [Vf (X(t))1{ x > t}] = 0. t t t lim Proof. Applying the Markov property, we obtain for each x X,.

P Vf (x) = Ex EX(1). t=0 x f (X(t)) f (X(t)) . X(0), X(1). x t=0 = Ex E t=1 x = Ex f (X(t)) = Ex f (X(t)) f (x),. x X. On noting that x = x for x = x , the identity above implies the desired identity in (ii). Based on (ii) it follows that Xf is absorbing. It is non-empty since it contains x , which proves (i).

To prove the rst limit in (iii) we iterate the idenitity in (ii) to obtain,. Ex [Vf (X(t))] = P Vf (x) = Vf (x) + [ P k f (x) + bf P k (x, x )],. t 1.. Dividing by t and let ting t we obtain, whenever Vf (x) < , 1 1 Ex [Vf (X(t))] = lim t t t t lim. [ P k f (x) + bf P k Visual Studio .NET ANSI/AIM Code 39 (x, x )]..

Applying (i) and (ii) we conclude that the chain can be restricted to Xf , and the restricted process satis es (V3). Consequently, the conclusions of the Mean Ergodic Theorem A.5.

4 hold for initial conditions x Xf , which gives. 1 Ex [Vf (X(t))] = (f ) + bf (x ), t and the right hand si de is zero for by (ii). By the de nition of Vf and the Markov property we have for each m 1,. Vf (X(m)) = EX(m). t=0 x f (X(t)) (A.65) on { x m}..

f (X(t)) . Fm ,. Control Techniques for Complex Networks Draft copy April 22, 2007. Moreover, the event { x m} is Fm measurable. That is, one can determine if X(t) = x for some t {1, . .

. , m} based on Fm := {X(t) : t m}. Consequently, by the smoothing property of the conditional expectation,.

Ex [Vf (X(m))1{ x m}] = E Code-39 for .NET 1{ x m}E = E 1{ x m}. f (X(t)) . Fm x t=m f (X(t)) E f (X(t)). If Vf (x) < , then the ri .NET bar code 39 ght hand side vanishes as m by the Dominated Convergence Theorem. This proves the second limit in (iii).

Proposition A.6.2.

Suppose that the assumptions of Theorem A.6.1 hold: X is a x irreducible, positive recurrent Markov chain on X with (f ) < .

Suppose that there Vf exists g Lf and h L satisfying, P h = h g. Then (g) = 0, so that h is a solution to Poisson s equation with forcing function g. Moreover, for x Xf , h(x) h(x ) = Ex Proof.

Let Mh (t) = h(X(t)) h(X(0)) + M h is a zero-mean martingale, E[Mh (t)] = 0, and. x 1 t=0 t 1 k=0 g(X(k)),. g(X(t)) .. (A.66). t 1, Mh (0) = 0. Then t 0. E[Mh (t + 1) . Ft ] = Mh (t),. It follows that the stopped p rocess is a martingale, E[Mh ( x (r + 1)) . Fr ] = Mh ( x r), Consequ VS .NET bar code 39 ently, for any r, 0 = Ex [Mh ( x r)] = Ex h(X( x r)) h(X(0)) + On rearranging terms and subtracting h(x ) from both sides, h(x) h(x ) = Ex [h(X(r)) h(x )]1{ x > r} +. x r 1 t=0 x r 1 t=0 r 0.. g(X(t)) .. g(X(t)) ,. (A.67). where we have used the fact t Visual Studio .NET 3 of 9 barcode hat h(X( x t)) = h(x ) on { x t}. Vf Applying Theorem A.

6.1 (iii) and the assumption that h L gives,. Control Techniques for Complex Networks Draft copy April 22, 2007. lim sup Ex h(X(r)) h(x ) 1 { x > r}. ( h + . h(x ). ) lim sup Ex [Vf (X(r))1{ x > r}] = 0..
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