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312 O FFICE -B ASED C OSMETIC P ROCEDURES using barcode implementation for javabean control to generate, create code-39 image in javabean applications. Java programming language T ECHNIQUES clinical study to dete rmine ef cacy of the VelaSmooth system versus the Triactive system for the treatment of cellulite. Lasers Surg. Med.

2006;38:908 12. Nurnberger F, Muller G. So called cellulite: an invented disease.

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2004;6:187 90.. Section 10 ULTRASONIC FAT REDUCTION DEVICES UltraShape Focused Ultrasound Fat Reduction Device Karyn Grossman ULTRASHAPE CONTOUR I TECHNOLOGY Body contouring is one USS Code 39 for Java of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. While tumescent liposuction is certainly highly effective and very safe, there is still a search for less invasive means of effective body contouring. Some patients are still afraid of traditional surgical procedures, while others may not be able to afford the cost and/or opportunity cost of a more invasive procedure.

The UltraShape CONTOUR I system (UltraShape Ltd.), based on proprietary focused ultrasound technology, is the rst clinically proven noninvasive fat cell lysis and body-contouring solution. The UltraShape CONTOUR I uses a patented ultrasonic technology to deliver focused ultrasound energy at a precise depth within the subcutaneous fat layer.

It selectively targets and lyses only adipose tissue, leaving critical surrounding structures, such as skin, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, intact. The pulsed acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy converge in a con ned focal volume, causing a selective mechanical destruction of fat cells. Mechanical, not thermal, effects are produced due to the precise acoustic parameters and pulsed energy delivery.

It is this mechanical acoustic effect that allows for tissue selectivity to lyse adipocytes, while surrounding tissues. remain unharmed. Preci sion and safety are reinforced by an integrated acoustic contact sensor (Figure 70.1), which provides real-time feedback on acoustic contact, thus ensuring proper transducer-to-skin contact and ef cient energy delivery to the treatment area.

. FIGURE 70.1: Integrate Code-39 for Java d acoustic contact sensor, which provides real-time feedback on acoustic contact, thus ensuring proper transducer-to-skin contact and ef cient energy delivery to the treatment area..

page 313 314 O FFICE -B ASED C OSMETIC P ROCEDURES T ECHNIQUES This algorithm ensures jvm barcode code39 complete and uniform energy delivery over the entire treatment area, minimizing the risk of double or overlapping pulses, which could then result in contour irregularities, isolated areas of increased lipoatrophy, or, in theory, a tissue injury. The tracking system also addresses the dynamic nature of the treatment area as it monitors and synchronizes patient position in real time, enabling the patient to move freely, without impacting the treatment. The UltraShape CONTOUR I, version 2, was launched in June 2007.

This second-generation technology offers improvements to both the operator and patient. First, it offers optimized acoustic output with adjustable power control to three levels. The default is to the highest level, but if the patient feels discomfort, the energy may be reduced to a nonpainful level.

Second, it has new treatment tracking and guidance software, which includes optimized three-dimensional treatment mapping of the body curvature and superior tracking system stability and performance, resulting in reduced treatment time. Third, it has a new illumination system with LED technology and an integrated computer-controlled video camera, providing an easier UltraShape treatment experience for both the operator and patient. Last, it offers a new patient database to track and analyze all patient treatments.

. FIGURE 70.2: The Ultra Shape treatment being performed. The UltraShape system components shown include an illumination system with integrated computer-controlled video camera, a treatment monitor that guides the operator through the treatment, and a handheld transducer that delivers therapeutic ultrasound.

A yellow dot indicates the location of the computergenerated target node per a preprogrammed treatment algorithm. Once the handpiece is correctly positioned over the target node, the green dot on the top of the transducer turns blue, indicating that the transducer is correctly positioned over the target node for treatment and that energy delivery can begin..

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