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8.3.2 Lexicon formats In speech technology, it is quite often to nd existing lexicons in what we can term simple dictionary format. Such lexicons can be stored as simple ascii les, where each entry starts with the orthography, followed by the pronunciation and possibly other information. The entries are ordered by the orthography such that a few typical entries would look like this: deep deer defend define degree delicate delight demand density d d d d d d d d d iy1 ih1 ax0 ax0 ax0 eh1 ax0 ax0 eh1 p r f f g l l m n.

eh1 n ay1 n r iy1 ax0 k ay1 t ae1 n s ax0 ax0 t d t iy2 It is clear that this Software qr-codes format explicitly gives priority to the written form, as this is used to order and index the entries. Dictionary formats can be problematic though, for the reason that the orthographic form of a word is not unique; homographs are fairly frequent and these must somehow be handled. Two common amendments to this style are to have multiple lines with the same orthographic form project project p r aa1 jh eh2 k t p r ax0 jh eh1 k t.

or to use more than o ne entry for the pronunciation on each line project p r aa1 jh eh2 k t, p r ax0 jh eh1 k t Even if this is done, we still somehow need to know that /p r aa1 jh eh2 k t/ is the noun form of project, it is not suf cient to say that project simply has two different pronunciations. While POS markers could be added, we soon nd that when we also consider the issue of pronunciation variants (which are arbitrarily different ways of pronouncing the same word) or orthographic variants (different ways of spelling the same word) we see that the simple dictionary style comes under considerable pressure, and looses its main positive feature, that it is easy to read and process. A solution to this is to build the lexicon as a relational database.

In this, we have exactly one entry for each word. Each entry contains a number of uniquely identi ed elds, each of which has a single value. For for a simple word, the entry may just contain two elds, ORTHOGRAPHY and PRONUNCIATION.

It is a simple matter to add more elds such as POS or SYNCAT. Each entry in a relational database can also be seen as a feature structure of the type we are now familiar with, and because of this similarity, we will use the feature structure terminology for ease of. 212 explanation. Hence some simple words would look like Pronunciation ORTHOGRAPHY degree Software QR Code 2d barcode PRONUNCIATION d ax0 g r iy1 ORTHOGRAPHY define PRONUNCIATION d ax0 f ay1 n. ORTHOGRAPHY defend PRONUNCIATION d ax0 f eh1 n d In this the orthograp Software qrcode hy has no preferred status, and the entries can be indexed by the orthography or pronunciation eld. The main advantage of using this style is that it is straightforward to add more elds to the entries while still maintaining a well de ned structure. Hence we can add POS information to distinguish between homographs .

ORTHOGRAPHY projec t PRONUNCIATION p r ax0 jh eh1 k t POS verb ORTHOGRAPHY project PRONUNCIATION p r aa1 jh eh2 k t POS noun. Throughout the book w Software Quick Response Code e have been using a convention whereby we give a name to each word, for instance PROJECT- NOUN for the last entry above. We should state that this name has no objective status; it is simple a handle that allows us to uniquely identify the word. We normally use the spelling as the handle and add some additional identi er if this isn t suf ciently unique - again, this is just a convention, the handles could be 1, 2, 3, .

.. or a, b, c, .


It is up to the system designer whether to include this in the entry or not: including it means that there is one unique value for each word in the lexicon, and this can have useful housekeeping functions. On the other hand, the developer needs to create these handles and ensure their uniqueness. For demonstration purposes.

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