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5.5. Petite sets and sampled chains using software touse pdf 417 with web,windows application Microsoft Office Official Website Proof tion To see (i), observe that by de nition and the Chapman Kolmogorov equa Ka b (x, A). n =0 . P n (x, A) a b(n). n =0 . P n (x, A). m =0 n a(m)b(n m). n =0 m =0 P m (x, dy)P n PDF417 for None m (y, A)a(m)b(n m). n =m m =0. P m (x, dy)a(m) Ka (x, dy)Kb (yA),. P n m (y, A)b(n m) (5.48). as required. Th e result (ii) follows directly from (5.46) and the de nitions.

For (iii), note that for xed m, n, P m +n (x, A)a(n) = so that summing over m gives U (x, A)a(n) . P m (x, dy)P n (y, A)a(n). P m (x, A)a(n) =. U (x, dy)P n (y PDF417 for None , A)a(n); a(n) = 1.. a second summation over n gives the result since The probabilist Software pdf417 ic interpretation of Lemma 5.5.2 (i) is simple: if the chain is sampled at a random time = 1 + 2 , where 1 has distribution a and 2 has independent distribution b, then since has distribution a b, it follows that (5.

46) is just a Chapman Kolmogorov decomposition at the intermediate random time.. The property of petiteness Small sets alwa Software barcode pdf417 ys exist in the -irreducible case, and provide most of the properties we need. We now introduce a generalization of small sets, petite sets, which have even more tractable properties, especially in topological analyses..

Petite sets We will call a Software pdf417 set C B(X) a -petite if the sampled chain satis es the bound Ka (x, B) a (B), for all x C, B B(X), where a is a non-trivial measure on B(X).. Pseudo-atoms From the de nit PDF-417 2d barcode for None ions we see that a small set is petite, with the sampling distribution a taken as m for some m. Hence the property of being a small set is in general stronger than the property of being petite. We state this formally as Proposition 5.

5.3. If C B(X) is m -small, then C is m -petite.

The operation interacts usefully with the petiteness property. We have Proposition 5.5.

4. (i) If A B(X) is a -petite and D where b a can be chosen as a multiple of a ..

A, then D is b a -petite,. (ii) If is - Software barcode pdf417 irreducible and if A B+ (X) is a -petite, then a is an irreducibility measure for . Proof To prove (i) choose > 0 such that for x D we have Kb (x, A) . By Lemma 5.

5.2 (i), Kb a (x, B) =. Kb (x, dy)Ka (y , B) Kb (x, dy)Ka (y, B). (5.49). a (B). To s ee (ii), suppose A is a -petite and a (B) > 0. For x A(n, m) as in (5.

27) we have P n Ka (x, B) . P n (x, dy)Ka (y, B) m 1 a (B) > 0 which gives the result. Proposition 5.5.

4 provides us with a prescription for generating an irreducibility measure from a petite set A, even if all we know for general x X is that the single petite set A is reached with positive probability. We see the value of this in the examples later in this chapter The following result illustrates further useful properties of petite sets, which distinguish them from small sets. Proposition 5.

5.5. Suppose is -irreducible.

(i) If A is a -petite, then there exists a sampling distribution b such that A is also b -petite where b is a maximal irreducibility measure. (ii) The union of two petite sets is petite. (iii) There exists a sampling distribution c, an everywhere strictly positive, measurable function s : X R, and a maximal irreducibility measure c such that Kc (x, B) s(x) c (B), x X, B B(X).

Thus there is a pdf417 for None n increasing sequence {Ci } of c -petite sets, all with the same sampling distribution c and minorizing measure equivalent to , with Ci = X.. 5.5. Petite sets and sampled chains Proof To prove Software barcode pdf417 (i) we rst show that we can assume without loss of generality that a is an irreducibility measure, even if (A) = 0. From Proposition 5.2.

4 there exists a b -petite set C with C B + (X). We have Ka (y, C) > 0 for any y X and any > 0, and hence for x A, Ka a (x, C) .
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