Third re nement: introducing car sensors in Software Receive gs1 datamatrix barcode in Software Third re nement: introducing car sensors

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2.7 Third re nement: introducing car sensors using barcode writer for software control to generate, create data matrix ecc200 image in software applications. GS1 Bar Codes Center hold for the physical number of cars: inv3_33 : inv3_34 : A=0 C=0 A+B+C d In other words, the controll er, although working with slightly time-shifted information concerning A, B, and C (the controller bases its decision on a, b, and c), nevertheless maintains the basic properties on the physical numbers of cars A, B, and C. 2.7.

3 Re ning abstract events in the controller It is now easy to proceed with the re nement of abstract events. This is done in a straightforward fashion as follows: ML_out_2 when ml_out_10 = TRUE a+b+1=d then a := a + 1 ml_tl := red ml_pass := TRUE ml_out_10 := FALSE end. ML_out_1 when ml_out_10 = TRUE a+b+1=d then a := a + 1 ml_pass := TRUE ml_out_10 := FALSE end IL_out_1 when il_out_10 = TR UE b=1 then b := b 1 c := c + 1 il_pass := TRUE il_out_10 := FALSE end . IL_out_2 when il_out_10 = TR Data Matrix 2d barcode for None UE b=1 then b := b 1 c := c + 1 il_tl := red il_pass := TRUE il_out_10 := FALSE end. Controlling cars on a bridge Notice that in their abstrac data matrix barcodes for None t versions these events were testing the green status of the corresponding tra c lights. In these re ned versions, it is not necessary any more since these events are now triggered by the input channels ml_out_10 or il_out_10, which ensure through invariants inv3_15 and inv3_16 that the corresponding lights are green..

ML_in when ml_in_10 = TRUE c>0 then c := c 1 ml_in_10 := FALSE end IL_in when il_in_10 = TRUE a>0 then a := a 1 b := b + 1 il_in_10 := FALSE end In the six above events, whi ch are triggered by the input channels, we can see that the channels in question are all reset by the events. This is to indicate that the corresponding controller operation has nished. Events xxx_arr in the next section will test such resetting in their guards so as to allow another car to occupy the relevant sensor.

This interplay is a formal way to express the rapid reaction of the controller, running faster than cars may arrive!. ML_tl_green when ml_tl = red Software data matrix barcodes a+b<d c=0 il_pass = TRUE il_out_10 = FALSE then ml_tl := green il_tl := red ml_pass := FALSE end. IL_tl_green when il_tl = red 0<b a=0 ml_pass = TRUE ml_out_10 = FALSE then il_tl := green ml_tl := red il_pass := FALSE end. 2.7 Third re nement: introducing car sensors The new guard il_out_10 = FA LSE in event ML_tl_green is indispensable to maintain invariant inv3_16: that is: inv3_16 : il_out_10 = TRUE il_tl = green. This is so because il_tl is Software Data Matrix set to red in event ML_tl_green. We have a similar guard (ml_out_10 = FALSE) in event IL_tl_green; it is necessary in order to maintain invariant inv3_15. It would be possible to add other guards in the two previous events.

The idea would be to turn a light to green only if there is a car willing to pass. In order to do so, we would have to make the two sensors, which are situated close to the tra c lights, send additional information when a car is coming on to them. We leave it to the reader to make this extension.

. 2.7.4 Adding new events in t he environment We now add four new events corresponding to cars arriving on the various sensors: ML_out_arr when M L_OU T _SR = of f ml_out_10 = FALSE then M L_OU T _SR := on end ML_in_arr when M L_IN _SR = of f ml_in_10 = FALSE C>0 then M L_IN _SR := on end.

IL_in_arr when IL_IN _SR = of f il_in_10 = FALSE A>0 then IL_IN _SR := on end IL_out_arr when IL_OU T _SR = of f il_out_10 = FALSE B>0 then IL_OU T _SR := on end In each case, we suppose tha Software datamatrix 2d barcode t the previous message has been treated; the input channels are all tested for FALSE. Moreover, the physical number of cars is tested as expected..

Controlling cars on a bridge It expresses the fact that t Software barcode data matrix he setting to on of a sensor is due to the presence of cars. This is compatible with our requirement ENV-5 saying that the sensors are used to detect the presence of a car entering or leaving the bridge. We nally have four events corresponding to a car leaving a sensor: ML_out_dep when M L_OU T _SR = on ml_tl = green then M L_OU T _SR := of f ml_out_10 := TRUE A := A + 1 end.

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